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  • Agromatic

    Agromatic Inc. has been providing America’s Dairymen with the industry’s highest quality agricultural equipment since 1898. As a family operated business we will continue to grow and meet the needs of our customers with unmatched service. We are dedicated to expanding our distribution network to better serve our customers. We will strive to be in the forefront of technological advances and introduce that technology to the market only when it meets our rigid reliability and quality standards.
  • Daritech Inc.

    The well-crafted milking tools of yesterday have evolved into the exceedingly technical components of today’s highly computerized dairy operations…

    …but the primary concerns of every farm are still the same – the well-being of their cows and the efficiency of their farms.

    DariTech understands that these important aspects of the dairy farm can be enhanced with well-planned and carefully manufactured components. We maintain a talented in-house fabrication department that is always geared up to provide those unique solutions that aren’t available “off the shelf.”

  • DCC Waterbeds

    DCC Waterbeds provide superior cow comfort without the headaches related to other bedding systems. Dairy producers around the world have invested in DCC Waterbeds because the beds’ unique features maximize cow comfort and help improve herd health, which allows cows to do what they do best: make milk.
  • Ecolab

    Ecolab can help optimize your dairy operation with measurable improvements in operational efficiency, overall farm sustainability and milk safety and quality. We help dairy producers improve cleaning and sanitization, and provide high-quality udder hygiene and hoof care products needed to produce safe, wholesome milk.
  • E-Zee Milking

    E-Zee Milking Equipment, LLC specializes in new replacement aftermarket parts and refurbished equipment for the dairy industry. We carry everything from milker claws, milk hose, fittings, portable milkers, takeoffs, receiver groups, vacuum pumps and stalls. We are also the North American distributor for the NuPulse brand of equipment.
  • GEA

    With our total solutions approach, we offer everything from milk collection and storage, (automatic) feeding systems, manure management, barn equipment, youngstock solutions including integrated farm (dairy) management tools, as well as sophisticated service concepts.

    From single products to complete integrated dairy systems, our state-of-the-art technology is developed and manufactured according to the latest guidelines and certified quality standards. GEA is an expert and reliable partner to dairy farmers around the globe, helping them to manage their future successfully and sustainably.

  • GEA Norbco

    Freestall systems from GEA feature innovative designs with state-of-the-art mounting systems. They have the strength and durability to withstand the harsh conditions of today’s commercial dairy facilities – and they are available in a variety of configurations to meet your cows’ needs.
  • Lely

    Lely is the proud inventor of robotic milking. In 1992, Lely introduced the Lely Astronaut Milking Robot. This groundbreaking product was acknowledged as the most important invention of the 20th century for dairy farmers. By using advanced robot technology in the barn, farmers achieve flexibility for other activities and an increased milk production, all in a “cow friendly” manner.
  • Nichols

    Nichols is the leading provider of solutions for clean and healthy facilities and the safe shipment of products in the Great Lakes region. We value our customer relationships above all else, and as our customer, we strive to always put You First. How? We provide innovation, knowledge and service excellence.