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Our company has been serving West Michigan since 1968. Our employees are highly trained and certified service technicians with 103+ years of combined experience in the dairy farm milking equipment industry.


  • 1968, Al ‘Bud’ Rosema started Rosema Dairy Equipment as a Surge dealer.
  • 1978, Lee Scholma partnered with Bud Rosema.
  • 1984, Shop on M45 burnt down, started building new shop on 56th Ave.
  • 1989, Bud and Lee expanded with the addition of Westfalia dairy equipment line.
  • 1993, Bud Rosema retired and Lee took over ownership.
  • 1994, Chad Scholma started working for Rosema Dairy Equipment, Inc and became partner in 2000.
  • 2000, Rosema Dairy Equipment changed its name to Hi-Tech Dairy Supply, Inc., and Westfalia and Surge merged.
  • 2005, Lee retired and Chad took over as owner/manager.
  • 2008, GEA incorporated WestfaliaSurge, Houle, and Norbco into GEA Farm Technologies
  • 2008, Hi-Tech Dairy Supply, Inc. became a Lely dealer to help provide our customers with the latest technology available.
  • 2014-2015, Building expansions to shop including a new loading dock, larger storage warehouse, expanded parts area, new offices, show room and a conference room.